Connecting with God and others important to us at HC. Connect groups, serving, special interest groups or just enjoying a meal together before or after church are some of the ways you can meet, and connect with others.

All of our worship services offer low cost meals in our courtyard either before or after the service. So hang around, have a bite and meet a friend.


Young and Married

Matt and Danielle Rees

Fortnightly Wednesday nights 7pm – 9pm. Young married couples getting together over a meal. We use the SYMBIS questionaire and material to discuss the best way to stay married.

Here at Harbour Church, our Connect Groups are places that people come to connect with one another and with God. The demographic, time, activities and social aspects may vary but each of them will include time together to read the Bible and pray. More information on connect groups can be found next to the welcome desk.

Special interest groups are just that, groups with a special interest. Whereas our Connect Groups are built around being discipled together in God’s word, a HC Special Interest Group is one that focuses on a particular common interest or experience such as a sporting group, craft group, or bookclub.