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Connect Groups at Harbour Church

We believe life change happens in the context of relationships. Connect Groups have a simple purpose: to bring people together. God created us to live in community with others and it is only then that we can experience the full life He intends for us.
At Harbour Church, we use a free market approach to Connect Groups. This means we want people to gather together based on the things they enjoy and are important to them. Leaders form their group around their gifts or interests. From sports groups to lunch groups, mum groups to student groups, Bible study groups to creative arts groups, our groups are as varied as we are.


Step 1: Find a connect group (or a couple connect of groups) you like.

Step 2: Either use the email at the bottom of the page to contact our team for more info. OR Come on sunday and see our leadership team for more info!

mixed connects

bible study

Botoyi & Aimee Nkomeza

(Fortnightly) Tuesday 6:30 AM


family night at church

David & Angela Howe Smith

 Tuesday 6:00 PM


family dinner &Bible study

Danny & Lynn Whalen

 (Fortnightly) Tuesday 7:00 PM


Empty nesters

Matt & Danielle Rees

 Wednesday 6:30 PM


family dinner

Phil & Jus Campbell

Thursday 6:00 PM


Family Dinner

Jim & Karen Mcdonald

Tuesday 6:00 PM


young adults

Jake & Bri Williams

Thursday 6:30 PM


city outreach


The last Saturday of the month 8:30 AM


women’s connects

Women of grace

Mylene & Robyn

 Tuesday 10:00 AM



water pots


 Tuesday 9:00 AM

Thursday 6:30 AM


Walkie talkies

Veeg Campbell

(Fortnightly) Saturday 7:30 AM



men’s connects

 young men’s bible study

Mark Johnson & Scott Fowler

The Second Tuesday of every month 6:30 PM


men’s bible study

Mark Johnson

Thursday 1:00 PM


Contact Us for more info

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Want to Lead a Connect Group?

Harbour Church is always looking for more ways to connect. If you would like to join the ranks of Harbour Church Connect Group Leaders please:

  • Complete Growth Track, which runs every month
  • Complete the next Connect Group Leaders Training
  • email Admin, with your Working with Childrens Check number and a copy of your Safe Churches certificate, as well as your contact details.

A member of the pastoral team will be in contact to help you start

Safe Ministry Training

Safe Ministry Training course is a requirment for all Harbour Church Connect Group Leaders. This course provides church workers, both paid and volunteer, with an awareness level induction into the concepts of Safe Ministry.
The course covers; key concepts of Safe Ministry: boundaries in ministry,  duty of care, empowering people to protect themselves,  protecting people from harm, identifying and responding to risk of harm concerns in a chuch context, safe recruitment practices, codes of conduct, safe environments and responding to incidents.
The course can now be done online here.

Working With Childrens Check (WWCC)

A Working With Children Check is a requirement for people who work or volunteer at Harbour Church. It involves a national criminal history check and a review of findings of workplace misconduct.

For more information on the Working With Childrens Check: Click Here

While doing the Safe Church Training you will need to submit your WWCC or you can email the detail to Harbour Church Admin.

+61 2 6652 8511

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